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Did you knowover 3 Billion searches occur every day?

That Boils Down To…121 Million searches per Hour OR 2 Million searches per Minute!

There are over 346 million websites and growing every single day?

So how will you get your share of local marketing?

Online SuccessIt’s very simple; you have to be found exactly when your customers are searching for you.

In theory it’s as simple as that, but in reality there are tons of things that must be done in the background, for you to be found exactly when your customers are looking for you.
And when that happens, it’s a happy day.

In reality, when your customer is searching for you, they are not really searching for you, because they don’t even know you.  What they are searching for is a solution to their problem, and your service or product should be the solution. And that’s how you must be found, as the solution to their problem.

Remember with millions of competing sites out there, when your clients are looking for a solution, they probably won’t be going past the first page in Google to find you.  In fact statistics show that 97% of the people never go past the 1st page of Google.

In order to show up on the top pages of Google as the solution, a few things must happen:

Google has to trust you and make sure that you are legitimate before it starts ranking you higher.  After all Google has a reputation to up hold too.

So Google looks at various things such as:

  • Are you consistently updating your website
  • Are you optimized for the right keywords
  • Are you blogging or article writhingWeb Marketing Services
  • Do you have fans following you = social media
  • Do you have videos = video marketing
  • Are you listed on various directories = online marketing
  • Do you have your pages linked internally and externally = seo services

And so much more…….

All this must be sounding foreign and soooo time consuming and it probably is.
That’s why we say “You do what you are good at, and let us do what we are good at.”

Tract Local Marketing eliminates the frustration and puts ease in the web design and web marketing process.

It’s great to have a small business website, but it’s greater when that website is found.  In order to be found you have to do small business marketing

Tract Local Marketing will make sure that your customers find you online, so that you can increase your website traffic, get more customers and make more money.

Tract Local is the Calgary SEO and Local Marketing Company for your small business marketing and web design services.

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