Don’t let free web hosting or cheap web hosting cloud your thinking!
These web hosts are usually far from being reliable.

In case you are wondering, what is web hosting or what does web hosting mean…

Web Hosting companies provide file storage space for websites and web pages on their data center servers for their clients. Website hosting commonly referred as, hosting services or domain hosting services varies greatly by each individual web hosts or hosting companies.

A reliable web host usually has over 99% uptime performance guarantee. You may think that going with a company which provides 95% or even 98% would be fine, but you may be making a big mistake.

Mind you, all web hosting companies have some downtime due to normal scheduled maintenance. However, there is a significant difference between uptime availability of 95%, 98% and 99%.

The following table from Wikipedia, shows the translation from a given availability percentage to the corresponding amount of time a system would be unavailable per year, month, or week.

Availability % Downtime Per Year Downtime Per Month* Downtime Per Week Recommended?
95% 18.25 Days 36 Hours 8.4 Hours NO
97% 10.96 Days 21.6 Hours 5.04 Hours NO
98% 7.30 Days 14.4 Hours 3.36 Hours NO
99% 3.65 Days 7.20 Hours 1.68 Hours NO
99.9% 8.76 Hours 43.2 Hours 10.1 Minutes YES

Your business website is often the first and foremost communication that your prospects, customers—and the world—have with your product, service and brand. Whether it’s a small business site or a multi-brand corporate website, maintaining high availability and performance is important to your brand integrity.


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