Over the years we have found many business owners, who even after committing to improve their business online by having a custom website, get stuck on what type of information to include on their website.

This, unfortunately, leads them into designing a poorly built site or a website that is simply a glorified business card instead of offering real value to their website visitors.

Hence, we are providing you with various documents here that we feel will help you in your decision process as well as in coming up with valuable pieces of content for your website which will be helpful not only for designing a professional website, but a website that will also be useful for your prospects and customers.

Resources For Web Design

The web design questionnaire is designed to help people who are thinking of getting a professional website completed for their business. Having gone through this questionnaire will help you in created a strategically well planned website of your dreams.

What pages to include in your website is a supplement document to help you in this process as well.

Resources For Web Marketing

Once you have a professional website then the natural progression is to think about marketing your small business website. In other words, how to bring traffic to your website. Of course, there are many ways to do that and the World Wide Web is filled with thousands of ways to confuse you even more.

However, the basic premise here is to ask a simple question…Do I want immediate traffic to my website or do I want to bring traffic to my website gradually over a few months?

If you want immediate traffic then of course you will do some Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing through Google AdWords.

On the other hand, if you want to grow traffic to your website gradually over a few months then you need to do search engine optimization or SEO.

In any case, you will always want to make sure that your website information appears accurately all over the Internet in the most efficient and beneficial manner so that when someone is searching for your product or services online, through any medium, your website shows up and that you increase your market share.

Hence, for that you need to do proper web marketing.

Website marketing is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for quite some time. The Internet is filled with thousands of local, regional, national and global directories and web portals that provide information about various businesses.

What is interesting to note is that most business people are not even aware of it.

However, a few savvy business owners have started using this medium as their secret weapon in low cost yet effective website promotion.

Our web marketing questionnaire is designed to help you in this effective strategy and at the same time to ensure that you have proper, verified and accurate business listing for your company or professional office all over the net.

Additional Resources

Our Small Business Online Marketing Guide is an excellent resource as well.

Whether you’re new to online marketing or just looking to do it better, the advice in this guide can help you reach your business goals.

You’ll learn:

  • How many new customers you can find online
  • 10 ways to use the Internet to grow your business
  • How to measure your results
  • How one small business gets 90% of its sales online
  • Key terms and what they mean

We’ve also created a daily tip sheet filled with ideas to help you get started as well as marketing plans for four different types of businesses.

Just go ahead and download this guide.