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How will Affordable Marketing Packages help me?
Accurate listings are the first step in online marketing. More than 40% of online listings are inaccurate, incomplete, or missing, and Tract Local will help you solve these problems by:
  • Getting verified data distributed to all major search engines and directories
  • Saving yourself the effort of registering on dozens of sites
  • Share detailed profile information about your business and stand out from the competition
  • Get a higher ranking by making your listings consistent across all sites
When can I expect my listing to start appearing?
Directories and search engines have their own data varying refresh schedules, which we have no control over.  Therefore we suggest 90 to 120 days as a general guideline. Some directories may change the information within weeks, but others refresh their data on longer schedules. From our end we will make the data available to the publishers and database vendors as quickly as their schedules permit.
What if I already have a listing on some of these sites?
A search is done on each site for your business name, and if it is found, we bypass that site so as not to create a duplicate listing.  We make sure that your business is visible where it does not already exist.
Can I make changes to my Webcard?
You can make changes to your profile on Tract Local at any time, and those changes will be reflected immediately in your online Webcard.
Will the directories use all of the data I send?
We make all of the data available to the publishers; however some directories only publish base information such as business name, phone, address, and web address.
Are there guidelines or limitations I should be aware of when creating my listings?
Please also refer to our Best Practices Guide. In general, we use Google's guidelines as a benchmark. There are character limitations for fields such as business name, description, products, etc. Our business profile form will guide you as you enter data for your listing. Use of plain text is recommended, as special characters such as trademark symbols will cause an error response.
Why do I keep getting this error? "Enter a list of items separated by commas. This field cannot contain special characters or HTML. Maximum length is 200 characters."
Although there is a reference to character limit, this message also refers to special characters and HTML tags that may be hidden in your text. This error commonly occurs when you cut and paste content from a website, so text should be entered manually.
Why must I use a link for logos and photos, rather than uploading an image?
In order to distribute images effectively, we must use the most commonly accepted protocol, which is a URL link that looks like this:
You can link to any type of common image file such as .jpg, .gif, .png, and .bmp. The advantage is that you can post updated images to the same location using the same file name; therefore you do not have to resubmit an image file in order to change your logo or photo. No two directories publish the same list of content elements, so images may not display on some sites. We recommend that image files should not be larger than 1MB and 1024 x 1024 pixels.
Will I receive the login information for my listing in each directory?
Yes you will. Once the submissions are done we will provide you with the login information.
I already have owner verified or claimed listings on some sites. Will my submission to Tract Local overwrite these listings or create duplicate listings?
On sites where your listing is already claimed, we are unable to edit, so you will need to log in to your account on the site to make changes. Be sure to submit to us the same content that you have submitted to any directory or search sites, so that your Tract Local listing will be viewed as a match and no duplicate listing will be created. Although we cannot edit your claimed listings, we create multiple citations for your business that act as “votes” for the relevance of your listings, claimed or otherwise, in local searches.
Reporting and Verification How can I track my listing and what kind of reporting do you offer?
Unfortunately, directories and search engines do not advise when they publish a listing. Our general guideline for our syndication service is that most listings will publish in 90-120 days. If your listing did not pass verification you would be advised within this timeframe. For our direct submission services, we offer completion reports containing detailed information about the work we’ve done for you: listings submitted, profiles created, links, and passwords.
What process is used for verification?
Tract Local provides for two levels of verification, helping to ensure that your business listings contain trusted content. All of our listings are subject to verification by InfoGroup’s Express Update team. In addition to this, we also use our own verification service to verify your listing information using public records.
What happens if my information cannot be verified?
Although this rarely happens, business listings that cannot be automatically verified will result in a phone call from the Express Update team to verify listing information. It is important to complete the verification process if you are contacted by the Express Update team; if the verification call is refused, the listing will not be distributed. InfoGroup will make at least three attempts to contact you before notifying Tract Local that verification was unsuccessful. If this occurs, Tract Local will notify you via email, and you will have an opportunity to adjust the information to ensure full distribution.
How often can I make changes to my listing(s)?
If basic business facts such as name, address, and telephone number need to be modified, make those changes in the profile form in your Tract Local listing, and the updated listing will be distributed through our syndication channels. Remember that the directories will not update the information immediately.
Can I request a deletion?
A deletion may be requested if the business has ceased operations. Tract Local will send the request to the data vendors.
What if I have chosen the Monthly Packages, is there a renewal fee?
If you are on a monthly contract then you do not need to worry about the renewal fee as we will automatically refresh your listings and keep data fresh and information about your business accurate as required.
What if I stop my monthly payment?
If monthly payments are stopped, we will stop activating your site and remove it from the “active” file that we provide to the directories. Different sites and distribution partners will treat deactivated listings differently, and some directories will remove the listing completely. Some directories may keep the listings active and some may delete them. This is beyond our control.
What if I have chosen they Buyout Packages, is there a renewal fee?
Many directories and data providers require that listing data be refreshed at a minimum annually. Some directories remove listings if they are not actively updated. Renewing your listing helps keep data fresh and information about your business accurate. Therefore there is a $150 renewal fee so that we can do the annual activation of your site.
What if I do not renew?
If you do not renew after the notices we send, your record will be removed from the “active” file that we provide to the directories. Different sites and distribution partners will treat deactivated listings in different ways, according to their policies. Some may keep the listings active and some may delete them. This is beyond our control.
What is your refund policy?
All sales are final, as we start working on submissions immediately.
FNA for Premium and Professional Marketing Packages
You will notice on Google Places and elsewhere that some listings have the special status of Owner or Merchant Verified. This means the listing has been reviewed and claimed by the business owner or by an authorized representative. Claimed listings have a special status with directories and search engines; they are treated as high-value listings that are not merged with information from other sources and are given priority in search results.
How does the claiming process work?
At Tract Local, we review the listing information you’ve provided and determine whether listings for your business already exist on the sites covered by our Claimed Profiles service: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. The results of our initial review determine the next actions, as outlined below.
What happens if I have no existing listings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing?
If we do not detect an existing listing for your business, we will create a new listing. We’ll set up an account for you on the site and submit the listing data you’ve provided.
What if multiple listings already exist on Google, Yahoo, or Bing?
If multiple listings are found for the business on any of these sites, we will provide links to the listings that were found, and then together we will determine the best course of action before proceeding with any claiming or verification.
What I if I have one existing Yahoo listing?
Phone or postcard verification is not required for Yahoo local listings. Yahoo offers both Basic (free), and Enhanced (paid) listings. Some listings will display in Yahoo search results with a green check mark, indicating a listing status of Merchant Verified. Merchant Verified status is granted to paid local listings, to businesses that purchase search marketing services directly from Yahoo, or to listings Yahoo has obtained from another source like Yellowpages.com or Citysearch.
If your Yahoo listing shows a status of Merchant Verified, we will not attempt to claim the listing. We will determine the verification source (e.g., customer, Yellowpages.com), and we will upload any photos in your Tract Local listing. If your Merchant Verified listing is currently in your control and you provide login info for your account, we can access the listing and update other elements to match your Tract Local listing.
What if my Yahoo listing is not Merchant Verified?
If your existing Yahoo listing is not Merchant Verified, we will claim the listing using an account we’ll create for you. We will then edit the listing with the listing data you’ve provided. Please Note: We have no way to know if the customer has already claimed a Yahoo basic listing, unless this information is provided to us by the customer. If we claim a Yahoo basic listing that a customer has previously claimed with another account, then the listing status may change in the customer’s existing account to "Deactivated." This status indicates that another Yahoo user has overwritten the listing (in this case, Tract Local has done so on the customer’s behalf). No duplicate listing is created. If you choose, you can get control of your listing back from us by claiming it once again, using your original account. You may also manage your listing using the new account we have created for you.
What if I have one existing Bing listing?
We will claim the existing listing using an account that we create for you. We then edit the listing using the data you’ve provided and submit for publication.
Please Note: Before Bing will publish your listing, we need to verify your listing with a phone or postcard PIN. This process helps protect your listing against unauthorized changes. In the event we discover the customer has an existing Bing account and has previously verified their listing, we can cancel the verification process. The Bing claiming process does not create any duplicate listing concerns even where control of the listing changes hands. If the Bing listing is in your control and you provide us with account login information, we can access the listing and make edits and updates as desired. We can also complete the verification process and move the listing to the new account that we create for the customer.
What if I have one existing Google listing?
Phone or postcard verification is required for Google Places listings. Some Google Places listings will display a green checkmark and the phrase “Owner Verified.” This status is obtained by completing phone or postcard verification for the listing.
If an existing Google Places listing shows a status of “Owner Verified,” we can’t claim the listing. If the listing is currently in your control and you provide login info, we can use the existing account make data edits as desired.
If your Google Places listing is not “Owner Verified,” we claim the listing using an account we create for you. Next, we update the listing with the data you’ve provided. After the listing has been verified the claiming process is complete.
What is the process for Facebook?
For businesses with no existing Facebook presence, we create an account, create a Page for your business, populate that Page with information from your Tract Local business profile, and provide you with a link and login credentials. If we detect that you already have a Facebook Page, we include a link to that page in your completion report.
What is the process for Twitter?
For businesses with no existing Twitter presence, we create a Twitter handle and populate your Twitter page with information from your Tract Local business profile. We provide you with a link and login credentials. If we detect that you already have a Twitter account, we include a link to that page in your completion report.
What is the process for Foursquare?
For businesses with no existing Foursquare presence, we create an account, create a Venue page for your business and populate that page with information from your Tract Local business profile. If a Venue already exists for your business, we add or modify its information to match your Tract Local profile. In both cases, we claim the Venue on your behalf, a process that requires phone or postcard verification. If we detect that you already have a claimed Foursquare presence, we include a link to that page in your completion report.
What kind of reporting will I receive?
The approximate timeline for processing is 120 days. A completion report is made available that will record the actions taken, your claiming status on all six sites, and login credentials for your new profiles. Your login credentials will permit you to make further updates.
With our Professional package, we manually submit your business listing(s) to the top sites across the web, and create custom content that showcases your business like photos, original blog postings, and a custom video. This enhanced exposure gives your business the advantage of being found on high traffic social networks, top business websites, popular video networks, and important map results.
What if I have very few photos or no photos to send?
We can capture photos from your website or use images from our database of royalty-free images.
I already have an account with some websites (Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter). Will the listings you create conflict with my existing listings?
We conduct a search wherever possible to find if your business is already listed. If yours is found, we will bypass that website and add an additional site to your list.
What if I do not have the kind of logo or avatar icon that I usually notice on business profiles?
We will create a basic logo and icon using your business name.
What are Tract Local’s qualifications in offering content creation and submission services?
After years as a leader in business listings service industry, we recruited the top professionals and technicians with years of submission experience. Our team has completed hundreds of robust professional listings for the SEO and internet marketing industry.
What kind of search results will I get if I sign up?
Since many websites continually change their ranking criteria, we cannot guarantee search results. However, listings and citations will always be a key factor in getting top search results.
Can I see an example of the 30-second video that you create?
Yes. An examples can be view here
How do I know my business has been submitted to the sites on your list?
After completing your professional listing, we will email a completion report with links to your new listings as well as user names and passwords that give you access to your profiles.
What is your contact information?
Universal Business Listing Attn: Customer Support 6701 Carmel Road, Suite 202 Charlotte, NC 28226 Phone: 704-200-9929 Email: contact@ubl.org