About Tract Local Marketing

About Tract Local - Best Online Local Marketing Companies - Calgary AB

Attract More Customers, Grow Your Business, and Make More Money!

At Tract Local, Calgary area’s preferred local marketing companies, that is exactly what we help you do!

Did you know that over 97% of consumers search online to research products, services and businesses?

97%, that’s a big number and a big reason you need an online presence and visibility.

Having a website is crucial and is the first step to having online presence and capturing more market share. This will allow you to grow your business, and ultimately help you make more money.

We know that having online presence with a website or online marketing can become quite costly. That is why we created our Affordable Website Packages that can fit any budget.

We want every business who wants to be a part of the new wave of doing business and marketing online, to have an opportunity, and cost should not be a factor.

If you are a small to medium sized business with limited marketing budget, you should have no excuse not to have an online presence now.

Tract Local Marketing Mission

Our mission at Tract Local is to help 1000 small local businesses and service providers to get online with a well planned and Google Friendly website, and significantly increase their business through web marketing and local search engine optimization.

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Who Heads Tract Local Marketing?

Ace Rashid, founder of Ace SEO Consulting and a highly sought after internet marketing specialist and  search engine optimization expert, is the co-founder of Tract Local Marketing.

While dealing with various consulting clients over the years, I saw many businesses who just could not afford even having websites, let alone do any marketing.

Many of them didn’t even understand how important it was to have a well designed and optimized website. That is when I decided to start a subsidiary company to Ace SEO Consulting – Tract Local Marketing.

Taz Rashid, shares the responsibility as the co-founder of Tract Local Marketing.

This company was specifically designed to help small businesses and starter business with limited marketing budgets. This would allow small local businesses to have affordable website solutions for as low as $50 per month and at the same time allow them to compete online and regain their lost market share.

Let us help you get online quickly, efficiently and in the most affordable manner and let us also help you increase your business.

If you do not have a website or feel that your website is outdated then, check out our affordable website packages.

If you have a website, but would like more exposure online, then check out our web marketing and web promotion packages.